Production engineering

Involvement in the production of electronic parts from the product design stage leads to the improvement of its production efficiency.
For the production of various electronic parts requested by customers, UGM provides support from the product design stage.
Combining the above with its original production system, UGM can offer more efficient mass-production systems.

Product design
When a customer designs a new product, we will make proposals so that the product is designed in consideration of productivity and cost reduction.
Die Designing/Manufacturing
In the production of stamping dies and molding dies, the processes from designing through assembly and adjustment to launching production can be completed in our company.
Designing/Manufacturing of Fully Automatic Machines
For purposes including automatization of in-house production and labor saving, we design and manufacture automatic machines for assembly and production to be commissioned by customers.
With press machines ranging from 20-ton high-speed machines to 60-ton machines, we address the production of a wide variety of pressed parts.
By employing the vertical-type machines for all molding machines, we put our energy into continuous hoop molding (composite molding).
We conduct assembly and production commissioned by customers by means of our in-house automatic machines.
Quality assurance
In response to customer requests, we guarantee the quality of our products by inspecting them using a vision inspection machine and other devices.

Introduction of insert molding

We efficiently and rationally manufacture products with accuracy and consistent quality. We also offer composite molding of different types of parts.
We guarantee the quality of all of our mold products by means of vision inspection.